Daniële Verstraten

Hair Artist

Daniële comes from a big family of hairdressers. Starting from her great grandparents through every generation down to her. She inherited her passion for hair from her father Bram Verstraten, who continued his craftsmanship as a hairdresser with pleasure even in his older years. They worked together at the legendary hair salon Trendsetter - the first salon in Rotterdam in the 60’s cutting long hair for men and women, which was owned by Bram and his brother Theo.

In 2010 Daniële moved to Haarlem and became an independent hairdresser. She gets a lot of satisfaction by giving her clients their requested attention, time and expertise on their hair issues. Her speciality is mens haircut, for which she gives training in to other hairdressers.

Well equipped with over 25 years of experience, we are ecstatic to have her join the Bohimea family.

Daniële is excited to welcome you in for a Bohimea experience.

Remi Wagid Hosain

Hair Artist

Remi started his hairdressing adventure in 1999.

In 2001 he joined Rob Peetoom where he received intensive technical training. Eager to express himself more freely, he joined Kinki Kappers where under the influence of Vidal Sassoon technique he was able to explore a whole new world. It wasn’t long before he was teaching my remarkable skills to other hairdressers.

Restless for change, he moved in 2007 to Sydney Australia. He spend the next three years polishing his Aussie accent and working for some of the world’s most prestigious salons.

Having now come full circle, he’s back in Amsterdam and fully accomplished as a successful freelance hairstylist for 10 years now. With a big passion for traveling, he’s always looking for new inspiration around the globe. Very much into short creative cuts and colours for men and women.

Been doing hair for 20 years and still very passionate of his craft.

“As a hairstylist I feel like you’re never finished with learning the technical and personal process and that’s the beauty of my work.”

Stef Schutter

Hair Artist

Meet Stef, the new member of our Bohimea family.

This talent got his hands in people’s hair by the age of 24, and he is not planning to let go. He started his adventure at the Kinki Academy, and worked for 5 delightful years at Kinki Kappers Haarlem.

For him, this is the time to spread his wings and become a freelance Hair Artist, and find the ease and freedom in his career.

Together you will find the perfect hairstyle to suit your wishes.

Stef loves to create short hairstyles, and natural highlighting is his favourite colouring technique. Just like the rest of the team, his ambition inspires him to learn, to play and create more with hair.

Come and meet him soon!

Sam Lindsay

Hair Artist - Color Specialist

Samantha was born in South Uist, Scotland and started her career in the Scottish Highlands at Ego Hair Design. This gave her the opportunity to explore her creativity in this multi award winning salon. She contributed her creativity together with the team winning the Great British Hairdressing award in 2019. It was after moving to Glasgow that she discovered her passion for hair color.

After building a successful career of about 10 years, she decided to expand her talent and continue her adventure in The Netherlands.

Having created great hairstyles at D01 Salon in Amsterdam, Samantha discovered her specialisation in haircoloring and haircutting for women. Becoming quite popular at the salon she got inspired to continue as a freelance hair artist at Bohimea in Haarlem. Here she can continue her work with the freedom to plan her own agenda with the required time for each of her clients.

As an Olaplex specialist Sam does not undermine the importance of maintaining the hair condition healthy, strong and shiny.

She loves to play with hair just like the rest of us at Bohimea, and can’t wait to meet you. Come and meet her soon.

Ingmar Kleijn-de Ruijter

Hair Artist

Ingmar loves to bring out the best in people by making beautiful hair.

Twenty years ago she set her first steps in the world of hairdressing and loved it right away. She loves all aspects of it and especially the people, who they are, what they desire, and what suits them most. It is great to make a fantastic cut and color, and to see you can make someone even more beautiful then they already are.

Throughout the years she participated in all kinds of courses, educations, and took part in several shows and competitions. It was in 2011 that she won the prestigious Dutch Trendvision Award, which gave her the honor to represent The Netherlands in New York City, USA.

She is specialised in haircutting and coloring, and had the privilege to give courses to other hairdressers in creating the perfect look. She loves to make hair beautiful and make people feel better about themselves. It’s is all about making people feel amazing when they walk out of the door.

Rose Heinze

Hair Artist - Hair Extensions Specialist

Born and raised on the island of Aruba and living in The Netherlands since 2004.

Rose’s career started in 2009 working 10 wonderful years at Pierôt Coiffures. Where she worked in the salon, on fashion shows, tv-shows and became part of the creative educators. Also being 4 times nominated for her make-up for The Dutch Coiffure Awards collaborating with Reggy van Gils, Maurice Pierot & Sonya Bloemhard.

In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles, California for 3 months and graduated successfully at the Joe Blasco Make-up Center for theater, TV and movie make-up/special effects.

Since 2014 she is working in partnership with the Dutch lifestyle company Beyuna. She teaches people to use the Beyuna business concept. For this she receives training in business, marketing and nutrition. This supports her in helping people to improve their financial situation and health. With top of the line products not only for a well balanced energy lifestyle but also for healthy hair, skin and nails.

After working happily for almost 3 years at Wild Romance in Amsterdam, she decided to continue her work in her home town Haarlem. Making people shine their beauty from inside and out. As well as to educate and provide development opportunities that empower beauty experts to be financially successful whilst doing what they love.

Stefan Bot

Hair Artist

Stefan started his hairdressing journey when he was only 15 years old. He worked in top hair salons like Rob Peetoom, Tony & Guy, D01 and many more salons for the past 15 years. He wanted to develop this profession learning only from the best.

With all this experience he is starting his own business as a freelance hair artist at Bohimea. He wants to join our mission and work where sustainability and vegan products are of high importance.

“When you sit in my chair, you are my best friend at that moment, and I will make you feel like that!”

Stefan enjoys making balayage and creative colors and loves to make people feel sexy with their new hair.

Feeling curious for a hair experience with Stefan? You can contact him or book your hair date online.